Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Hornet's nest-well and truly stirred!!

Blimey; that put my ratings up!!!!!
Quite extraordinary, my main rant on the blog was the bloke that left both bottom gates of the 7 locks open and some paddles making our day difficult and long but, more importantly, endangering the water levels on the pounds. Not a comment, not a reference; but world war III broke out over my moan about NB Stafford roaring past with sheet ice driving down the side of the boat.
Nearly every 'anti' banged on about drafts, water displacement, our inability to tie up our boat; it's not about that, it's about consideration. Working  NBs Victoria Gosty and Towcester come and go - laden and empty- without any of this nonsense - they wouldn't have many customers left if they behaved in the same way!
I hadn't realised that G had linked the post into facebook - the comments left on the blog are sugar sweet compared to the facebook stuff; some amounting to threats against our boat. Unbelievable.
My blog, my experiences, my thoughts as I see things. Don't like it, don't read it.
Many people quoted NB Stafford's crew as having 40 odd years experience (100s of years cumulative in one case) and they will all have skills I can only dream of; but I have manners and that you will never take away from me.


  1. As an avid Terry Pratchett fan the note about the narrowboat's crew having years of experience reminded me of a saying of the discworld dwarfs - "my bum has been my bum for a long time but I don't have to listen to it"

    Experience is only useful if you've learned good things along the way....

    Before anyone jumps down my throat, I don't know this particular crew - just making a general point!


    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  2. I dream of having so many comments. Do you think if I do a blog re poms always whinging and not washing etc I will get a similar reaction :-)
    PS How do you know when another Jumbo full of poms arrive at Sydney airport.....because the whining carries on after the engines are shut down.
    Happy Christmas to you and yours.
    Paul and El

  3. Oh dear you really did semm to stir the hornets nest. My comment want meant to be anything other than a simple query but it seems that some have taken that a little to the extreme!!

    It was good to catch you when you were in Torksey and we wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year. Happy cruising.


  4. Good on you for posting what you did and sticking to your guns. Experience counts for nothing when you are a rude and arrogant b*stard who thinks they own the canal, and there are plenty of them on the network.

  5. nb.Stafford is only a replica ...
    presumably their steerers are too.

    It would have been him leaving bottom gates and paddles open that is what he did in Atherstone.


    stands back to watch the fun

  6. Sue, love it - made us both last

  7. Paul and El; can you make the pom jokes a regular feature. All these comments; I'm fair worn out - be careful what you wish for as I've spent all evening replying when all I want is to wrap me pressys! More pom jokes pleeeeease

  8. Naughty-Cal, it does seem to have gone a little bit nuts - whilst I have published everything on the blog G's facebook messages are unbelievable. It was good to catch you too. We loved our time there - sadly cut short due to my illness. Happy cruising

  9. Keith on Bobcat, you are being naughty now - made me giggle though

  10. NeilR, thank you for your support. It's so unnecessary though isn't it? We meet so many lovely people, all this hype round one daft old bats blog..

  11. Thats Kath on Bobcat - sorry, my typing finger is all worn out

  12. Just one then.....
    What have cricket bats and soap got in common? Answer: The poms have forgotten how to use either.

  13. Hey ho, just like the Norfolk Broads! Lots of ignorant b******s lacking both experience and knowledge but without the decency to admit it, take advice freely given - AND LEARN.
    Happy Christmas ,Yule, Saturnalia, or whatever you wish to celebrate.

    Graham & Lesley

  14. Graham and Lesley, hope everyone is well and all together-are the 'newly weds' OK? Best wishes to you all.

  15. Paul and Elaine, love it. I didn't know we had a reputation for being smelly - I knew we were rubbish at cricket! If the repertoire is large can you manage one a day or one a week please?