Wednesday 26 August 2009

Train into Buxton (a dog free day)

For once the sun shone & Lesley & I had a dog free day in Buxton doing what the Victorians would have done (I'm on dodgy ground here-my historian mate is bound to pull me up on this). We did the museums, the art galleries, ate icecreams, rode twice round the park on the kiddies choo choo train (waving to the kiddies who weren't lucky enough to be riding on it with us).

Poor G had had to go to Oxford to deal with a Great Aunt's bereavement, it doesn't seem right really. It also meant that Dainion had to go home 2 days early (although he had stayed 2 weeks), I think he was as disappointed as I was, I was used to having you around little feller; Muttley & I both miss you, although it's nice to eat onions again!!!!!!


  1. I'm enjoying seeing all your lovely photos of my newish stamping ground - the High Peak. Isn't it stunning! Great walking country.
    - Carrie (nb blackbird)

  2. Stunning! Did the Gritstone today through Lyme Park, Disley & back onto the Peak Forest - you must be somewhere nearby?