Saturday 29 August 2009

Moonshine & the Gritstone Trail

This was the scene on Matilda Rose at 8.00am today!

Then Lesley & I set off up the Gritstone Trail and on to the moors. Unfortunately, and not for the first time, we had to change our route due to bovines.

The weather wasn't very special but wedid stay dry by the skin of our teeth.

We soon found a space at the cafe in Lyme Park - Floyd & Fletcher had disappeared, at one point, and had clearly had a good roll. Nothing like a pair of smelly labs to part the bank holiday crowds and help you find a table!

Having returned the dogs to the boats 4+ hours later, we went off blackberrying and then it rained and rained and rained. Our sailing/caravaning clan are all gathered in Norfolk and having fabulous weather - we always seem to be in the wrong place for decent weather. The nights are drawing in now & I still haven't got my legs brown (unless you count Floyd's muddy caresses).

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