Friday 28 August 2009

Disley & Lyme Park

Disley, on first inspection, is not the most attractive place due to the A6 running right through the middle. However, Disley Parish Council have done some VERY clever marketing. Pick up their map which shows lots of circular walks and all their lovely countryside - the paths on the map have numbers and the footpath signs carry the numbers ..... how simple, how perfect, why can't everyone do it? WELL DONE DISLEY PC!!!!!!!!!!
We had no intention of going into the house or gardens on this trip - we'll do that from Poynton on the Macclesfield when we can leave the dogs with the men; today was about fresh air and excercise and beautiful, stunning, landscapes. I am starting to worry that nowhere else will match up. Stoppages permitting, Lesley and I are
beginning to think we might come back this way in the winter.

The dogs are all on leads because we were concerned that Floyd might want to herd the deer into a closer group and F,B & M might want to help him!

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