Sunday 29 March 2009

The disaster of the Brasenose Arms

Having gone to bed Friday, safe in the knowledge that all had been done ready for Pete & Sally in the morning, we were pretty gutted to find more water on the floor in the same place and dreadful weather which would prevent us from cruising. However, they arrived at The Brasenose Arms in Cropredy where we had booked them in for B & B only to be told that they weren't booked in. Then someone thought that they'd look in the other book & yes, there it was.
We retired to Matilda Rose for food & drinks and even braved the weather to walk the dogs and "liberate" some logs. Thanks for the help guys - we logged them this afternoon and filled 4 Tesco boxes; really good wood.
In the evening, we returned to the Brasenose for supper and were served with the most peculiar food I have ever eaten. Beefburgers had nothing in them except minced beef - no seasoning, no onions, no nothing - they made a MacDonalds look like gourmet food as thse actually tasted of nothing.
No one cleared our table (we did it ourselves after an hour of waiting) and no one asked if we wanted puds. We retired back to MR and they disappeared round the back to their separate accommodation. Sally sent me a text early this morning to say that they were on their way back to Nofolk as they had had no heat in their room & they had slept in their clothes and had their coats on the bed to keep warm. The pub was locked and deserted so not so much as a cuppa let alone breakfast!!!!! This is a pub that charges £70 a night for B & B in a double room-the only good news was at least they didn't pay up front. I'd like to be there tomorrow when Sally phones them. My only guess is that they forgot that they'd guests - perhaps they looked in the wrong book.
So, as it's the calorifier that's gone, we need to source a replacement and collect it from Banbury probably. That means taking the boat to bits again and hanging around here for another weekish-we'd hoped to move on tomorrow. Never mind, the weather returned to it's former glory so we cruised down through Slat Mill Lock to get back into the country.

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