Friday, 30 August 2013

Dorchester illuminations

Arrived through Days Lock and moored in Dorchester Thursday night after a very long day - too long really with the dogs still to walk, dinner still to cook and no washing up done since after dinner the previous evening. Fell into bed early and too tired to read - my Kindle kept landing on my nose and waking me up. A good night's sleep recovered my sense of humour, especially when looking out of my window I saw NP surrounded by cattle and Sue trying to get through them to regain her boat after walking 4 dogs!
 We moved up a bit to a quieter spot out of the cattle field - much nicer to admire cattle from the other side of the River
 before heading into the dog friendly White Hart Hotel to share pizzas for lunch
 the well is inside the hotel and had goldfish swimming around down the bottom
 G picked up boxes of cakes and tarts for afternoon tea
 and we trundled back across the fields for a nice restful afternoon plus Sue grooming 4 1/2 out of 6 dogs (to be continued tomorrow).
 That's the 2 boats nestled in the background - a lovely isolated spot 
 before the sunset gave us a spectacular display along both banks - a much needed lovely day of rest - oh, apart from a mighty amount of logging and stacking of the wood we'd harvested the previous day

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