Friday, 30 August 2013

Whilst poor Sue had to waste a beautiful day doing business

Vic G and I tested out the advertised dog friendliness of The Greyhound in at Whitchurch on Thames with the K9 6 pack - they politely suggested we retire to their garden!!!
Tilly immediately accosted the occupants of the neighbouring table for cuddles
So Buddy accosted Vic - those Labs are such tarts
This is actually Whitchurch-on-Thames; Pangbourne is opposite and I had hoped to paddle the River Pang but was advised by the local canoeing centre that it was too shallow and narrow to be navigable even for kayaks
The bridge crossing from Pangbourne to Whitchurch is a Toll Bridge and a new bridge is under construction in parallel - should be open May 2014

Customers from the local canoe centre made sure no-one had a nap but they were having such a good time trying to swap boats, capsize, sink and generally drown each other that you had to laugh

Thursday we only moved a short way, initially, before harvesting as much wood as we could carry without turning the narras as turtle as the canoe above!


  1. Just got back from The Greyhound with the dogs (inside) mind you we only had two!

    1. You are hot on our tails then. We are just above Days Lock at Dorchester and will not leave until Monday morning. I know you are rushing, but hopefully you can make time to pull over - even if you just breast up for a cuppa. Are you moving every day now?

  2. We will keep our eyes peeled, yep trying to move a fair bit every day!