Saturday, 24 August 2013

Reduced to a 6 pack

What I always find so interesting with dogs en mass is that the individual 'alpha' dogs stop being alpha. We actually had 5 'households' of dogs - ours, No problems, No Problems daughters', Indigo Dreams and Gregals. Each has their top dog but when you have sooo many they seem to all keep a low profile and enjoy playing without any dominance issues - this is also proved by the number of 'outsider' dogs that joined us: we clearly weren't giving out any hostile vibes.

So now we're a 6 pack plus Daisy cat and we moored, breasted up again, just outside Marlow and walked into town for a pint and a sandwich at lunch time at the dog friendly Marlow Donkey which had just opened it's Bank Holiday beer festival. That was lucky!
 Probably just as well we wern't 11 anymore as we caused enough interest/commotion/cuddles with the 6 of them

 How to clog up a suspension bridge
 Just in time to catch a snap of NB Unruffled whose crew Sue had met earlier - they have two lovely Border Collies as well

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