Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Jamiesons pirated and a greyhound sat on Muttley

Now I'm not sure whose idea it was to invade the poor Jamiesons for breakfast but there was a massive plan going on with lots of chiefs organising it. I awoke feeling far from well and left them all to get on with it, even more than my usual 'happy to be an Indian'.

"We'll catch the tide,  no we'll move the cars and drive, Oh the bridge is closed so we can't, we'll move the boats back to Teddington and then drive"
Someone moved the boat to Kingston, I'm not sure who; it wasn't me and it wasn't G as he shot passed me whilst I was cleaning my teeth on the move!
Poor Ian and Irene made us feel very welcome even though somebody's dog nicked the end of the banana cake (very annoying as I had had my eye on it) 

The previous evening we'd had a very chilled take away with Sarah and Andy on Indigo Dream's capacious cruiser deck whilst Sue and Richard were at a wedding - chilled that is until Bertie inadvertently sat on Muttley (if you are a very large hound you don't always spot a little Muttley); Muttley screamed and growled and Bertie legged it over into the park. Trust me on this one; when a greyhound legs it, it really legs it
 So poor G had to do a long and complicated journey to get his Mum to a funeral whilst I and the dogs explored Teddington, Ham House and the Nature Reserve

 The only problem I had was getting control of Muttley (no; he didn't nick Irene's cake) but having realised that No Problem is the 'Bonio Boat' he now has a new best friend in the form of Indigo Dream the 'Roast Chicken' boat and he doesn't care how many hounds are on it, he just makes a bee-line for Sue and the fridge the second he's off his lead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note from Muttley: those houndies are wussies; you'd squeak if something four time your siz sat on you; I woz only asking yous to gets off Bertie (I think yous Bertie -yous all look a bit the same) there woz no need to be such a drama qween. Yous houndies have nuffink to complain about yous live on sofas and roast chikin; i'd luvs to liv on sofas and chikin ....spoilt brat houndies..mutter, mutter


  1. Mutley, you now have me in fits of giggles!

    1. Well realiz Su. They liv on sosiges and chikins and sheepskinz. When we go up the pubs we get the floor and they get sheepskinz and then they start skweeking just coz I complained. I think yous shud do sheepskinz for Meg and Pen Pen.
      Wood be better if the sheep woz stil in em though