Monday, 12 August 2013

No particular place to go......

I'm sure life will throw a ton of stuff at us (and probably not all of it good)  but right now; just at this very moment, we have no commitments until our adventure to France next year in May. So we're Billy no mates, just mooring up where it takes our fancy and we can actually get access, between the continuous moorers. I don't know how, but this problem does have to be fixed. It is a farce.

This is Compass Rose, Barn Owl No 8 (I think?) reversing into a tight slot at the back of Desborough Island
 and the Church at Old Shepperton
the ubiquitous little old man watching our passing
 Chertsey Bridge
 and happily moored at
 Laleham where it took Daisy an astonishingly long 20 mins to catch her first mouse - she'll lose her Royal warrant at this rate
I haven't edited this pic, I promise, it looks like someone took a chainsaw to the back section - the perspective is so wrong
 Loving their Begonias, the only thing I miss about life as a cc is my garden 
 Dial Cottage

 Leaving our moorings for tea-time walks, Muttley spotted a cat and chased it. It ran off in a rather satisfactory (from his point of view) manner. Further along our walk he turned around and ran at Daisy - she was so gob-smacked at his audacity that she climbed a tree. That Muttley is in sooooo much trouble. I wouldn't want to walk a mile in his shoes this week!


  1. Hi Tiller Girl & Graham,
    Can I let you in on a secret?
    I don't think you'll be having the Thames all to yourselves for too much longer... a little bird told me the NP crew have escaped from the cut and are currently creating a MASSIVE wake whilst heading up river... look-out, they're behind you... LOL

    p.s. if Mutley needs a refuge for a week just let me know, he's always welcome to have a holiday in Derby :)

    1. Thanks for the tip off Kevin, now pulling pins and heading out at max throttle - that's not that fast though because we could do with a bigger engine but let's not even THINK of going there.
      Muttley most definitely needs a safe house but wants to know if you do roast chicken on demand?
      I can't believe he did that - he's as good as dead xx

    2. You can run, but you can't hide from 52HP... LOL
      How many chickens/day does Mutley require??

    3. Ah, but we could duck back up the Tideway to Brentford after they turn up the Wey today.
      Too late for Muttley I'm afraid - he's in hospital and Daisy has been locked up for DBH!

  2. The pub in Laleham does very nice food - you might need it after the pet soap opera that is your boat!

    Muttley can pick up some restorative chicken when you pass us in Reading!

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. Not sure he'll live that long after yesterday's foolhardy performance!

  3. On a serious note, the continuous moorers problem on the Thames is more difficult to tackle as the Nav. authority do not own all of the land adjacent to the river, riparian owners have control of their bit of the bank, some are private people, some are local councils and some commercial companies, plus of course the EA, so if they are happy for people to stay_____, on the C&RT waters, well it strikes me that there is no national enforcement policy, different offices employ different criteria.

    Anyway whats this about a bigger motor????



    1. Yes, it makes sense when you put it into that perspective - perhaps we should just follow the 'When in Rome' rules.
      G thought we might need a bit more oomph for the French Rivers; hence we are mucking about on Tideway etc., but he seems to be happy with his little one now

  4. Don't worry about it Mutley, they'll all change their tune when Daisey brings another live mouse on the boat.

    Remember that dogs are mans best friend... cats are just... cats LOL

    1. I wouldn't give much for your chances either Kevin if Daisy could read that last remark!

  5. What is the rumour that is going around about my lovely Mutley coming for a sleepover?

    Mutley can come for a sleepover on the bonio boat any time he wants! At least there are no cats here!

    I thought it was just Meg who was into cats! Did she teach Mutley just how to behave like a dog properly when they met recently? Heh!!

    1. Not so much a sleepover Sue - more asylum seeking, but Kevin TOO says he can go there when he's discharged from hospital. Whatever Meg taught him, i'm not sure it was wise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. John lived in Laleham from the ripe old age of 6 to when he left to marry me! Vicarage Lane in fact. All family now residents of the graveyard. Fond memories. xxoo

  7. Ahhh. I'm sure he has absolutely no regrets!!!!!!!!!!!
    Busy little place now with a lot of traffic passing through xxoo