Saturday, 3 August 2013


Where do you start? I guess by saying thank you to Sue and Richard for making it ll possible and then, also, to Sue (NB No Problem) and Sarah and Andy for sharing it with us and making it even more amazing - one camera failed on us so only about 450 odd photos.
Yesterday was the Thames Barrier so kayak indoors and cupboards taped, china on the floor

The 'Thames Barrier at Limehouse
 Sue opposite us in Limehouse Lock  - briefed to hang on tight - blimey that lock is scary

and then you're out - we had the most heavenly weather and the sea river was very calm

Too shattered to finish this blog:just going to hit publish and sleep


  1. Hi Tiller Girl & Cabin Boy :)

    What a brilliant photo of you on the Tiller going through the Barrier, who would have thought that a few weeks ago ??

    So glad that you all had such a great time, brillant weather and great crew buddies too :)

    But really ONLY 450 photos, you're slacking... LOL

    1. Who indeed but, mind you, even I couldn't knock the chimney off under those bridges - the best pics are the ones Richard took as most of mine are full of solar panels. It's going to take ages to sort them.
      So lucky with the weather and our friends - latter all thanks to blogging! xx

  2. ooh love the photos ....


    1. You can't go wrong when the light is that amazing. Thank you for such an incredible time.