Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Little of today went according to plan

Our main objective was to hit Sainsbury at Staines - that bit worked but it was a long way and a lot of steps to lump heavy shopping. A pleasant little spot in the town centre
 with a few sculptures and a water feature plus a park at the top of the steps

 The rather lovely Swan Hotel across the River
 Shopping done, we were about to pull pins when another narra arrived saying the collar had come off the gate at the next, Bell Weir, lock and it was likely to be closed all day
 So had lunch in town and prepared to stay here

 but it did re-open and we reached Runnymede but, can you believe, we've just about no internet signal so I'm giving this up after 2 hours. Just going to try to 'save and send'


  1. They're not having much luck with Bell Weir Lock - it was shut for emergency repairs because of a hydraulic failure last week (fixed the following day).

    It's a bit late to tell you now, but the Sainsbury's is much closer if you moor across the river at the Swan!

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. Ah Sue, hindsight tis a wonderful thing. Hope your visit wasn't too ghastly; at least it's done now.

  2. Lovely pics of my home town of Staines. It gets bad press and doesn't deserve it but that's my biased opinion of course!! Town Council could promote that water frontage much better than it does - that's my biased opinion too!! Enjoy the lovely Thames - i miss it!! xxoo

    1. The water frontage is delightful and so was the little I saw of the town before I was re-called to the boat. The park there is a treasure and being well used by young mums and toddlers in the sunshine.
      I think it gets overlooked due to it's proximity to Windsor