Sunday, 18 August 2013

A fabulous mooring at Eton/Windsor

We were so lucky to slide into this fabulous, free, single mooring below the apartments at Eton; away from the road and right in the town centre. That'ld be Windsor Castle across from our side hatch.
 Just made to fit MR, a perfect Friday lunchtime mooring
Just one small problem for G: one giant bonus for me!
 That's the banjolele under lock and key for 24 hours then! Purely in the interests of our riparian neighbours of course
 Now you might think that this lovely big meadow would be better for Daisy Cat, but it was very busy with your usual band of dog walkers, cyclists and joggers and had no cover bankside
She was more than happy with our 'cul-de-sac' mooring and lovely gardens in which to mouse and rummage and the Cote Brasserie (our exit route) gave us complimentary champagne with dinner - a privilege they reserve for 'neighbours' - that'ld be us then. We only had 24 hours in which to do both Eton and Windsor so we really went for it.

Friday afternoon we 'did' Eton
 I must admit that I had been more than a little concerned that the 'London' end of The Thames wouldn't be my bag, largely because of the menagerie - every single place we have stopped has had amazing walking and dog friendly pubs- you can't say that about many of the villages we pass through. Plus, NOT ONCE have we had to curtail Daisy's freedom. Now I've always been a River Nene gal...but...

 Amazingly there were TWO pubs within a stones throw of the mooring which were extremely dog friendly: The (fabulous) Waterside which backs onto that lovely big field and the Thames Path which has nooks and crannies and side rooms rooms full of books (the pub, not the Thames Path). Also The (£4 a pint) George just up the High Street - ouch!

A brilliant day rounded off by a riverside dinner

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