Monday, 2 September 2013

Perfik weekend

In  the glorious Dorchester-on-Thames I set off by kayak down the Thames, heading for the River Thame, and Sue followed by foot as much as the paths permitted. One minor problem was Days Lock without portage points - but no one was around and a boat was wanting to come up so I just popped in whilst they turned the lock
Sue beat me to our rendezvous anyway and I had to give up as I ran out of water and just grounded out
Dorchester bridge

We hid the kayak one way and the paddles the other and headed off to The Fleur de Lys for lunch

After an excellent bacon brie and cranberry sandwich and gorgeous proper home made chips Sue scrabbled around trying to remember where she'd hidden the paddles
and shortly after we returned, Elaine and Paul turned up on Caxton/Manly Ferry with Bombo, Sammie and the puddy cats for a 'throw it together' bbq with a lot of smoke
breasting up beside NP behind us - really strange for me to look out my side hatch and see NB Caxton back where I'd seen her so often (Lesley and Joe, our frequent travelling companions, previous boat prior to Yarwood)
Paul introduced us to the adorable and very cuddly Geoffrey
Whilst Sammie had a ball chasing six bigger dogs about
Even Bombo thought he might give this play stuff a go, but wasn't really sure how to go about it
and then it was farewell around 10 ish as they had another engagement for the evening in Oxford
Whilst Sue and I walked the dogs into Dorchester for a poke about and a pint before Sunday lunch a la Vic and pudding a la Graham

such a lovely village - we could spend several more days here before running out of new paths
Stuffed to excess with food, G and I retired to MR leaving Vic and Baxter to enjoy a shared snooze

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