Wednesday, 21 August 2013

In search of the Jubilee River- 2nd attempt

First lock of the day was Bray. Whilst we waited for the lock to empty, I staggered up with heavy rubbish - Nicholson's showed refuse disposal. Once again it was lying, but the lovely lockie took pity on me and said he would dispose of it. What a nice man.
 and then the very pretty run down into Maidenhead
 All the lovely houses in a variety of architectural styles makes this a glorious run in the sunshine
 I have to admit, in every case I prefered the boathouses - nice little aquatic garage under and compact accommodation with a view over

 This place even had 'house sheep'

 again, I go with the boathouse

 the symmetry pleased me
 Maidenhead bridge
 We moored in the town as I needed shopping - Waitrose is nearest, but Sainsbury's in Staines had diddled me and I was on a mission to recover around £14. Both are a very long way from any moorings. The moorings slightly closest charge £8 per night or part there of.  Not exactly encouraging business into the town is it? I recovered £22 so probably worth the hike. G set off on a mission to Pets at Home as we were nearly out of dog and cat food and cat litter (returning to MR by taxi). I had imagined the town to be glorious in view of it's riverside image - oh dear: run down, closed down and mostly charity shops. What a sad place - I felt quite depressed by the time I returned - not to mention knackered. Had we thought about it a bit harder G's taxi could have swung by and collected me and the shopping. We quickly pulled pins and went up the pretty Boulter's Lock. We were looking to moor to our right asap after it.

Boulter's Lock appeared to be the best point to access the Jubliee River on the kayak

When your Memory Map (which has the GPS) is completely out of date and doesn't even show the Jubilee, and your updated map (which has no GPS) don't tie up; navigation can be quite difficult. The Jubilee River, which is a flood relief channel, starts here near Boulters Lock and rejoins the Thames below Eton. The Nicholsons shows a dual entrance; we passed one before mooring with a 'danger weir' sign which didn't look encouraging but couldn't find the other. So we moored here and I set off on foot with the dogs for a reccy.
 Pretty nice spot this - we're tied to a tree at each end and there's enough front against the bank for access
 Daisy thinks all her Christmases and birthdays have come at once.

Anyway, back to the search for the Jubilee. I tried every available direction but to no avail. I did find this pretty little slither of an island though and Clivedon Hotel
I then resumed my quest on Google Earth, which I could have done in the first place, to find only one real entry point which was the one marked 'weir'. The weir was about half a mile down and you appeared to have to cross a wide road between the portage points (I don't have trolley wheels). It was also a big wide river whereas my imagination had it down as a pretty little meandering, tinkling stream. 
Ho hum, re-think required

Just realised that we've become a 'Sue' sandwich - NB Indigo Dream heading down towards us and NB No Problem driving up our rear (if you'll pardon the expression). Question is, will we all manage to get it together for a meet tomorrow: we can be flexible but Indigo Dream is running to a deadline and carrying 25 greyhounds - I never exaggerate, nor do I lie


  1. I guess Daisy will NOT like being out numbered by 31 to 1 !!

    But I bet Mutley will be more than happy to see another 29 'mates' LOL

    1. Hi Kevin (I thought you'd left me). Yeah even I wouldn't put money on Daisy with those odds. Muttley will be like a kid in a sweet shop at first; but when it comes down to it he only has eyes for Penny xx

      Trubbles is Kevin; you starts to runs with those hounds an then they just vanishes..phhf .. likes jus gon vanished. Muttley

    2. Tiller Girl... as if I would leave you... you should be so lucky!! LOL

      Sorry but as a member of the 'working class' I don't have all day to do as I wish, unlike some lucky persons of my aquaintance...

    3. Thank you Kevin, I am now truly humbled given your time pressured life xx