Friday, 23 August 2013

A 'Sue' sandwich

Wednesday we stayed put and took a walk up through the NT woods to have lunch at the dog friendly pub in Taplow, The Oak and Saw

Then yesterday we moored on the park at Cookham - an epic cruise of 1 mile and one lock - in the hope that Sue and Vic from NB No Problem and Sue and Richard from Indigo Dream might be able to join us.
A young couple moored on the boat in front had a car parked up and kindly drove me up to the local shop and back - what a joy not to lug it in my rucksack. Just as we returned I had a phone call from the local Nationwide to say I'd left my card in the shop and it had been handed in to them (I nearly didn't take the call as it came up as an 0800 number). So G and I walked back up with the dogs and sorted that and a couple of banking things before returning via a pint at the dog friendly Old Swan Uppers.
When we returned we found a limpet had attached itself to us
 So it was friends re-united
 by the time we'd had dinner, NB Indigo Dream arrived (delayed because they'd been nattering - that'll make a change then!).
 So we stuck them on the inside out of courtesy to their shipload of 5 Greyhounds - so that made 11 dogs with Sue in control. 
In time honoured blogging tradition L-R Penny, Baxter, complete stranger who just joined the party, Muttley, Henry Beanz, Meg, Herbie, Bud (not us), Tilly, Ollie, Archie and Bertie. Yeah, again I lie, haven't got a clue which one's which at this distance. They had one helluva good time though. The thing that I thought was particularly lovely was other owners letting their dogs off of their leads to join in - you would have thought that they would've avoided us like the plague. Not a cross word between them (as Muttley didn't get sat on this time). Richard fetched Sue and himself a take-away and we sat out nattering until late with all the dogs chilling (and Daisy locked in). A perfect evening except their chairs tended to tip over really easily!!
 Bright sunshine this morning, perfect for milling round the bench with ID fabled coffee
 I opted to have a quick look at the Thames end of Cookham and took this 'Sue Sandwich' picture from the bridge. L-R Indigo Dream, Matilda Rose, No Problem
 'Upstairs Downstairs'
 G got bossy and broke up the party around 10 am - just as well really, else we'd still have been there at tea time and The Dreamers had to pick up guests at Runnymede. We reluctantly tore ourselves away from Sue and Richard and set off in convoy with NP towards Marlow.
Another great meet with great friends that would never have happened without blogs


  1. I nows I is a bit fick but wot happened to the uther 20 hounds? I nows u dusn't tell porkies... but u did promiss us 31 dogs. I'm dissapointed :( LOL

    1. I finks my mum dus tell porks. but we was spectin more than we gots - jus as wel reali cause thems big fast buggers and they tend to sits on you. They arnt even warm cause thes got no fir

  2. Is that a National Crust mooring, is it going to cost you money :-(

    1. That one was council and we knew we'd have to pay because of ensuring moorings for 3 boats. However, they charged only the £6, so £2 a boat isn't bad and it's a lovely spot

  3. Replies
    1. That would have been lovely; I don't think I'd recognise babby Herb now!