Monday, 19 August 2013

Nearly out of water

A warning to anyone doing the Thames using, as we do, the Nicholson guide - the little tap sign does NOT mean you can fill your boat with water. It means you can run across and fill a container.

We had passed a waterpoint as the lock was ready and waiting for us and we thought there was one at each of the next locks. I also had put on a wash as we cruised only to discover (eventually) that there was no water until Boveney Lock, the other side of Windsor. Woops!

Our 24 hours on this mooring were 'up' at lunchtime so it was out with the dogs and then hitting Windsor (after a quick wash in a teaspoon of water).

 I happened to be in just the right place at just the right time to catch the outgoing Guard

 Despite the thousands of visitors (90% Japanese I would think) it still manages to accommodate everyone without a crush

 No time for shopping so I don't know what's in there - more of the usual I expect
 The Guild Hall
 Loads of pretty pubs - I don't know if any of these were dog friendly as it was too early to find out

 Up into Windsor Great Park
 Last time I was here (25 years ago) I rode up this drive in a carriage and pair with my Mum. It was her treat for her 70th birthday - we waved regally all the way. Just shanks's pony today.
 This is the view coming up

 So Windsor done, it was back over the bridge to the Eton side for a quick and expensive early doors pint before pulling pins in search of water

 Out under the bridge and we're gone. No idea where we were going but water was our only concern. We have had a fabulous 24 hours here and both of us wanted somewhere we could chill for two days if possible. 
 Out passed the racecourse and onto the waterpoint below the next lock - I wandered up to the lock with the dogs whilst we were filling and spotted this gorgeous little Scottish built wooden yacht coming down
Shortly after, they came round and joined us to wait for water and had us in fits as we nattered for the best part of an hour - given these filling points are hoses; that was a lot of water needed by us.
Conditions were deteriorating rapidly by then with strong, gusting winds. So up through the lock and mooring at the first place we can get our nose to the side .... please don't let that be Maidenhead!

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