Thursday, 1 August 2013

Towpath tart (that would be me then)

Yesterday was for the dogs who have been a bit short changed over the last couple of days what with the weather and urban living. So first port of call was Regents Park
Duchess of Teck? You're a clever lot, one of you must know
 With a peek through to the penguins in the zoo
 Before hitting the legendary Primrose Hill - only managing to drag G up with a promise of coffee and cakes in the delightful Regents Road on the way back (and then he moaned about indigestion)

back at MR we chilled for a couple of hours with a beer - can't handle London prices - whilst Daisy adapted to London living on the penthouse
the guys on the boats in front suggested The Eagle for a good evening jamming session
Brilliant night and then, like all good groupies, we followed the mus'os to the Elephant - this time James and Dougie would have been so proud of us: best part of 2.00am before we got home!!!!
G, as always, wide awake this morning so I sent him off to get Bread and milk and then to Camden Market for cotton hats but it wasn't open - kept him occupied though and gave me a chance to come to and shower in peace

We were greeted by a multitude of happy C & RT lockies on the Camden 3 and were soon joined by NB The Cat's Whiskas - sadly they only shared 4 locks with us before reaching their pre-booked mooring
It got hotter and hotter and the double locks heavier and heavier - sod 'don't talk to me we're in London', I unashamedly asked everyone to help us with the gates
 The nice thing about being a tiller girl is that you can send him in to sort out the laundry, fetch the beers, make a sandwich, etc

Tudor 'des res'
I started having bets with G about who would and wouldn't help us - this lot did

and so did this lot - G got them all organised
even a tiny Eastern European gentleman helped me once he got over the shock of being talked to and I prised him off of his phone!
Now moored in Limehouse waiting for Richard'd arrival (probably tonight) and the two Sues plus Ty and Olly tomorrow prior to my first ever foray on the ThamesTideway
The photo of Indigo Dream moored behind this gin palace didn't come out - I soooo would not want to reverse round this everytime I moored!

G has been in fits of giggles all day as I've trundled down the London towpath saying 'hello' and smiling at everyone and roping them all in to help - you can take the girl out of the countryside I hear sirens and see men in white coats?


  1. Sounds like a great time in London - how can you not? Very impressed that you were out till 2am comes easier the more you do it! (Upto a point) Enjoy the tideway with Sue and Richard you will have a ball with them. x

    1. It takes me so much longer to recover these days though.

  2. Hi Tiller Girl (and Cabin Boy),
    Good for you, talking to Londoners and Tourists really freaks them out, they are so NOT used to people being friendly... LOL
    Keep up the good work and enjoy your tidal trip on the Thames, are you going up or down?

    1. Talking really confuses them!!!!!!!!
      Up and down and your other tiller girl will be with us

  3. Queen Mary consort of George V

    1. I knew I could rely on you xx