Sunday, 15 July 2012

Trench foot then

There are two routes from the boat to the flood bank - one where the water level is only approaching the top of your boots but smothers the dogs in sticky burrs which took an hour to remove last night and then there is the non-sticky burr route which is now just over my knees
 So it's sandals and paddling then - one more inch and Muttley is going to have to swim for it at the deepest point on the trail
Not much of a holiday this
 The unlucky owners pondering their alternatives
This guy with the trailer tent is no better off
I'm impressed with the way these bank reinforcements are pre-planted before being located
But I also have to tell you that, whilst 3 of the 4 dogs are quenching their thirsts, the reprobate Fletcher is quietly taking advantage of quick release knots to liberate the odd barge with his teeth - we couldn't believe it and Lesley and I had to take some quick action to stop it trundling off downstream - much to the amusement of a passing walker who witnessed the scenario ...Fletcher.


  1. That flooding is awful - what a summer!

    If ever Matilda Rose fetches up against a weir having been mysteriously untied by a vandal, you'll know where the culprit lives! :-)

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  2. Not very far away! I didn't realise what he was doing and thought he was pulling a stick out and Lesley was joking. A bit like when she said that Eddie and Herbie had eaten our lunch - I never learn do I?

  3. Its beginning to seem endless x