Sunday, 29 July 2012

It's raining, it's pouring and all the blokes are snoring

We returned to Denver yesterday with a day visit from the family - why Graham bothered to demolish the fire, chimney etc., with little Andre more than able to take the boat to bits single handed I don't know. Andre could have done it in a fraction of the time! Chenelle walked with Lesley and the dogs and (sort of... ish) handled the encounter with the cows.
So it's school holidays and delivery has been taken of Dainion, first of the grandchildren for the break - now TALLER than me...grrr.. It's lending library time of the year - no doubt Dainion will be returned in due course and swapped for another one!
 Meanwhile, Daisy found these visitors a little tiresome (especially the small one making a beeline for the 'miaow') so took herself off for a swim
 so all back to normal (plus grandson) we took the boat in for a shopping trip to Downham Market. This is the down river view of part of the amazing Denver Sluices
 the beautifully planted flower boxes on the bridge
 and then we headed further off down the Relief Channel to the EA moorings by The Heron - no critique as we haven't visited (that'll make a change then). We have had terrific storms today
 So the fellers are fishing - I think the landing net is massively bigger than the fish just caught!
 Better luck with the next one
Dainion sleeps on Baxter's bed, so Baxter sleeps with us when he's here
Can any one tell me why the males of the species snore so badly - G, Dainion and Baxter (probably Muttley too but next door and out of ear shot) Ted the cat did too. Daisy doesn't and I'm absolutely positive I never have

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