Friday, 20 July 2012

Dodgems in Cambridge. No sorry; Bumps

So it's bumps, overbumps, technical bumps, acknowledge the bumps, sandwich boats, row overs and blade winners..........not forgetting to stick bumps, lumps of Willow in you. I'm sure Amy and James from NB Lucky Duck can explain all this. I forked out the grand sum of £2 on a programme which explains all this but it's as clear as mud to me. What is clear though is that they are all getting drowned in torrential downpours and thunderstorms but they all seem happy - well those with lumps of Willow do. I think that means they've bumped the boat in front. This is good ( I think).
Strange really as bumping someone's boat with yours usually leads to unhappy exchanges of words and insurance companies. This, however, is what they do in Cambridge in England's green and seriously weird land. No wonder the Americans think we're quaint.
This fabulous, but crazy, tradition starts here by  the very pretty Baits Bite Lock
56 boats of 8 men and 36 boats of 8 women compete in this event - and it hasn't stopped raining
A lovely tradition but completely beyond my comprehension.

So there we go then, got all that? There are 9 million quite a lot of bicycles in Cambridge-the reason being that, if you are a student here, you are not allowed to leave a car within 5 miles of your College. 
James and Amy I'm sorry that, yet again, we didn't get to meet.


  1. I looked up the rules of the "bumps" on Wikipedia - got lost before the end of the first paragraph!

    I thought about asking Amy to explain the rules but decided against it :-)

    Sue, nb Indigo dream

    1. It is very complicated, but one thing's for sure - despite being drowned, they seem to be having fun