Saturday, 21 May 2011

Dragged the dogs out of bed - again

My dogs can't understand why we're moving every day and, by our standards, travelling long days with early starts - some days we're not sure either!

 Set off up Tyrley locks with a positive plethora of BW guys materialising at lock gates and winding paddles. Extrordinary. Is there a collective noun for loads of BW people (apart from endangered species)?
 They couldn't all have been coming to collect this one barge.
 There was an awful lot of water hurling out of these sidestreams on the approaches to the locks but, as always, G did a good job.
Reached the top in no time. Carried on to Shebdon Embankment for an early lunch in persistent rain. By the time we'd finished lunch the sun had come out, but neither of us could be bothered to move by then and we were making such good time that we could afford a half day.


  1. At last! Down South getting some of the wet stuff!
    Lots of adorable wooley jumpers up here like Jack but their future is not as rosy!
    Good to see you are well and enjoying yourself. xxoo

  2. Welcome home, it looks like you had a ball - your photos were fabulous.