Friday, 13 May 2011

Behaving like Spanish waiters-mk II

Mk II because I'm sure I've posted this blog once but 'someone' has deleted it. Clearly that 'someone' has to be me (because he's wearing that supercillious look) so, having just had a domestic, I'll re-load the pics and have another go. Why is it that when you're fed up and frustrated men can't give you a cuddle or at least make sympathetic noises? Worse, they make patronising noises like, "rubbish in, rubbish out" so that you're now wound up like a homesick angel with it's arse  on fire. So, Mk II:

As  soon as we had watched Critical Point depart, we rushed round to 'arrivals' on the other side of the aqueduct to introduce ourselves to Graham and Jill, fellow bloggers, on NB Armadillo.
L-R: David, Kelly, Linda and Corben
Bye bye Critical Point.......
....hello Jill and Graham (these are two names we will remember); we actually managed to have a conversation that didn't include sewage disposal - that makes a change. Great to meet you.
One of several wooden carvings along the embankment
A day of storms and sunshine
Walked into the village of Acton for a pint at The Star on Monday lunchtime only to find that it's closed on Mondays. Never mind, the dogs enjoyed the walk.
Acton is tiny - the church is enormous. Even with 100% attendance they'd be hard pushed to fill more than a quarter of the pews.

I then walked back into Nantwich for another chiro appointment.
Archetypal cottage with roses around the door.

G doesn't have another dental appointment until next Monday and my next chiro is Friday so, despite BW giving us permission to overstay the mooring time limits, we willmove out in the morning and come backon Friday.

To those of you who may have read this (or something similar) already, my apologies.


  1. I understand that Blogger has been playing up and many people have had posts disappear. So it probably wasn't either of you to blame!