Friday 11 April 2008

No move today, DIY instead

Looking at the weather forecast this morning we decided that we didn't want to get wet and we didn't want to be blown around, so we stayed just outside Middlewich. I decided it was time to do some urgently needed DIY, re-grout the shower and clear up the damp it was causing in my wardrobe.
Took dogs with me into Middlewich and found a DIY shop, on return Mutley, bless him, decided he wanted to try and have puppies with Bendedig's Husky Ben, he took exception. I don't blame him.
Also had another encounter from Sarah and Andy off NB Greyhound, update (sorry) they have 5 Greyhounds, two sleep in the saloon, two sleep by the bed, and one on the bed, but not the same one all night, musical dogs, I thought ours was bad with the cats.

1 comment:

  1. Great to meet you both, plus the pooches. We had more canine fun with a keen black lab at Cholmondeston! As you predicted, it was wet and gusty but we succeeded in getting back to the marina, albeit making a bit of a horlicks of getting into the berth.
    Back home for a bit now so we'll be following the blog for our vicarious boating fix.

    All the best

    Sarah & Andy