Tuesday 1 April 2008

April fool's day

Moored up opposite an airfield between Huddlesford and Fradley-the windsock is parallel to the ground! Stuck my head out the side hatch just in time to see a hire boat career into us as they lost it in the wind. A boat moored just above us has spent most of the morning trying to get off the bank, with the only result being marital dis-harmony. Fascinating body language! Another boat bounced off both sides of the bridge behind us. It's certainly April fool's. We're off up the pub, but praying we don't come back to find a hole in our side!

Excellent lunch at the Plough-fabulous menu & good company having met up with an old friend. Came back to the boat in time to see another NB in front of us rammed by another cruiser. NBs are lethal weapons in high, gusting winds, why do people try to cruise in this - no matter how much you need to be somewhere it surely isn't worth the risk.

Muttley decided to be a proper boat dog yesterday & started running round the roof whilst we were cruising, he thought that was great fun, but I was having kittens in case we went under a low bridge - I mean, how do they know when to duck, especially if they're looking the other way? I asked that question of an experienced boater today and wasn't much pacified by the answer, "scoop 'em out and get them to the vets to have their heads stitched up-all mine have scars on their heads". Not quite what I wanted to hear!

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  1. So far a brilliant read, keep it up. We hope to "live the dream" when able (child and a parent living with us at the moment). But we make do at present with our 50ft Springer Serendipity.

    Anyway good luck, hope to see you on the cut soon.