Thursday 10 April 2008

Middlewich Branch of Shroppie

Having left Stoke and the Harecastle Tunnel, the scenery changed drastically into beautiful rolling countryside, yesterday we surpassed ourselves 13 locks and 4 miles and today we went supersonic 14 locks and 5 1/2 miles. We are either getting fitter or our new locking proceedures are working better for us, I think the latter. Althought at one lock I got of the boat having brought it to a halt with reverse, and instead of Jill jumping straight on, we ended up chatting, I didn't take the boat out of gear and as we were talking 'MR' was gailey trogging backwards out of the lock. Met a couple on a boat called 'Greyhound' at the middlewich junction who recognised the boat and told us she was following this Blog, she later walked passed us with three Greyhounds, althought turned rapidly back towards her boat when she saw Jill was out with daisy. Thank you.
Got chatting to a single hander(Mr TOD) at the middlewich turn, who told us about the Fish and Chip shop, his description of their very tasty fare persuaded me to hold up for half an hour, he wasn't wrong it was the best Fish and Chips that I personally have eaten ever. Also saved on the washing-up(even better).
Jill has said that she would like to have a day of rest sometime over the next two days, I had a look at the map and it would seem that there is not a Pub on this branch so it would be a waste to have a day off to get over a hangover that will not occur. perhaps a good thing. Hopefully Jill will get back to the blog tomorrow and sense will be resumed.

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