Tuesday 22 April 2008

Dug out of trouble (not us) !

Adam posted a comment re the 48 hour mooring at Llangollen (thank you Adam, we love it when people post comments) re the planning for the basin was granted on the basis of 48 hrs & that one local resident loves reporting BW if anyone overstays. This I can appreciate (there is always one!), but we don't understand why we couldn't move on to the 48 hr canal side moorings. Never mind.

Moored up at Blake Mere last night; must be one of the most beautiful moorings ever, didn't want to mention it until we could download some photos but not having much luck in that department recently.
Held off, yesterday, waiting for the digger dredging to clear his barge, when a hire boat came charging round the blind bend behind us, ramming the bridge & running us aground. He carried on passed us & grounded himself between the digger & the bank. A lot of revving, jumping on & off and pushing ensued with absolutely zero effect. Eventually the digger driver, who couldn't continue dredging, had enough & shoved his bucket over their bow, oiked them off the bank & shoved them down the cut. We were in stitches & the boaters weren't at all indignant - only grateful, the digger driver looked studiously nonchalant. I'd have loved to see the look on Graham's face if he'd tried it on our paintwork!!!!!!!!!!
Moored above Grindley Brook staircase tonight having picked up gorgeous supplies from, "shop in a garden" above Platt Lane Bridge at lunch time - including home baked bread straight out of the oven. This more than compensated for the lost pub lunch due to the Waggonner Inn having burnt down in January.

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