Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Yesssss and, again yessssss!!!!!!

It's  only 9.45 on Wednesday morning and I can report a double success story:
  • The Inspector Called (BSC) a day early and MR passed her inspection with flying colours. 
  • Mortgage Works (commercial branch of the Nationwide) has decided to do what it says on the tin; their slogan, " common sense loans"." Whereas we would not normally deal with individuals with no fixed address in the UK .......blurdy,blurdy....not on the electoral role .. ...blurdy, blurdy....but in view of your excellent, long term credit history with us..blurdy, this instance......"
All this was to raise a small mortgage to find the money to settle my Mum's bequest to my sister without us having to sell anything and we had been turned down flat. What's still a bit annoying is that, although I've done all the work, I still have to go back through the mortgage broker and pay him £340 (it's considered commercial as the property is let, so they won't deal direct). Never mind; he's a nice guy and finally, after jumping through hoops with them and the land registry, we have what we wanted - well, we will shortly (I think).

Moored up in Ely yesterday and look who pulled in in front of us
John on WB Pippin with James (from NB Lucky Duck) on board - bringing in their friend with engine problems to the service point

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