Monday, 29 October 2012

A pub with no beer!

Someone should write a song about that - oh, they did.

We moored on the EA moorings next to the pub at Littleport. Now called The Swan On The River, it has been re-opened just 3 weeks ago by the new owners after refurbishment.

With Yarwood moored opposite, G went off to see his Mum; Joe was ensconced in front of the grand prix and Lesley and I walked the dogs. Walk completed, we decided a pint was a good idea - so did Joe and he put the racing onto record when we realised the pub shut at 4.00pm and didn't re-open until Tuesday lunchtime! They have a lovely real fire and nice squidgy sofas now so we settled down with a pint of Doombar each - just what we needed on a miserable Sunday afternoon. Went down well so I went for another - they hadn't got any. No beer of any kind. "I'm afraid you'll have to wait for a new barrel tomorrow" I was told. "But you don't open tomorrow" I replied. "Oh no. We don't" she said. Our 48 hours are up Tuesday morning (tomorrow).

How sad was I that I left that 8 pint cask of Broadside sitting on the supermarket shelf on Friday.

When we were out with the dogs today, NB Harnser came pootling passed on their way to Cambridge to do the Backs on Wednesday. Brian tried to pretend he hadn't seen us, but Diana took pity on us and came out to give us a cheery wave


  1. Slim Dusty - check him out on Youtube.

    1. That's the one Martin. Thank you, it was annoying me not beeing able to think of his name