Thursday, 4 October 2012

Willow sculptor

Returning to Ely it was nice to go from this
to this - the walking around Ely is excellent
There was a new arrival since we were last here - Lee who is 

 Apart from his sculptures he has spent the last two years building this lovely little houseboat
 his walnut rowing boat isn't too shabby either
 the photos don't do it justice really, but he is in Ely to fit it out with an outboard and steerage. I thought I was having my leg pulled but it seems not - can you imagine how it will handle; especially if there is more than 2 knots of wind. Rather him than me!!!
 Daisy doesn't like Ely very much; too many dogs and not enough mice
so she's spending a lot of time asleep


  1. Well off topic but did you see this link that the lucky ducks put on facebook -

    You've been having so much fun in your kayak I wondered how much more fun you could have in a boat hot tub :-)

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. Just been and had a look - definitely the better option in the winter!