Friday, 19 October 2012

The lounge/dinette refurbishment is complete

And very nice it looks too. All the panel painting has been completed and it makes her look much wider and generally brighter. You've already seen the changes in the stove corner and now the dinette cushions have been recovered. The end 'caps' are there to prevent Daisy sharpening her claws and shredding the corners - well that's the theory anyway
 So that's the admiration over - quick, cover it up before the wet and muddy dogs get up there!
Today G fashioned this stripey denim fabric into proper covers - it looks so nice it makes me wonder why we had it re-upholstered in the first place. We remind me of people who buy a new car and leave the plastic on the seats or put 'runners' down over new carpets!
G's halo was shining brightly and, whilst the sewing machine was out, he kindly replaced the broken zip in my favourite walking trousers.

I managed to find  some really cheap scatter cushions with removable and washable covers so we're now looking all  fresh and cosy for the winter.
We could, of course, throw the dogs off the furniture but the problem with that is that they tend to sleep joined together and then no-one can move around the boat
And it would take a much harder heart than mine to chuck off a dog that looked this comfy - and is snoring. Baxter? If he's not joined to Muttley then he's asleep on G's lap of course.


  1. MR looks fab and just ready for the winter muddies - I'm so impressed at Graham's sewing skills - that's so useful!

    I agree that you can't chuck the dogs off the new dinette - where would they go? The floor? NEVER! :-)

    Sue, nb Indigo dream

    1. If they KEEP waking us up at 5.30 am to go out they'll be sleeping on the bank, never mind the floor. Thanks for reminding us about the winter muddies; may I remind you that the clocks go back next Saturday x

  2. I haven't finished our holiday blog yet but I didn't have a single night's sleep that wasn't interrupted by one hound or another! The towpath kennel option definitely appeals :-)

    You never know - maybe we won't get any winter muddies - I think we deserve a dry-ish winter after the summer that we've had!

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. Mmmmmm.. trouble is, what we deserve and what we get...