Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Not a good start to today

I was rudely awoken, from an exceptionally nice dream, this morning by G who had set off the smoke detector. As, even he, couldn't pin the blame on me this time, he enquired why I hadn't made a suitably rapid response to a potentially dangerous situation? I have to confess that, had I been woken by the very loud, screeching, smoke detector I would have moved very quickly to shout obscenities at him and, possibly, worse. I, however, was only woken by the gentler tones of an alarm clock type noise due to the fact that I was wearing ear plugs (in defense of his previous nights snoring!!!!).

G then managed to get in the shower without; turning on the pump, turning on the extractor fan, a towel or shower gel. Responding to his request for help in rectifying this, I heard my 'phone ringing next door - I was expecting an important call and in my rush to answer it I jammed my elbow joint into the catch on the bathroom cupboard. Cursin' like a good un, I snatched up the phone to find that, not only was it a wrong number, it was also a cold call!

I wasn't the only one having a bad day. This cruiser was rescued by a hire boat and towed into Ely. My day got a lot better, but I doubt his did.
Rewind back to Sunday morning when I firstly walked the dogs along Reach Lode (all of which I had paddled on Saturday) for a bit
This is the split between Reach and Burwell Lodes with the lake in the background - it looks much more closed in from the bank
and the view down my Sunday kayak destination, Wicken Lode, from Cock Up bridge; sorry to keep banging on about it (can't resist the schoolgirl humour).
Baxter does his best 'pretty sit' must be a biscuit about

The Dutch influenced Locks Cottage
The pretty little NB Poppy - I want one
and then passing her as I set out - better waterside, you get 2 of her with the reflection
The tower on the NT Fen - part of the visitor nature trail
and then I heard the sound of a narrowboat horn - crikey, oncoming in this narrow ditch
I'm not sure who had the biggest fright - them or me. I couldn't get into the bank due to the reeds, but a kindly dog walker took the end of my paddle and held me out of the way whilst the narra passed me
This pump is working in reverse - no longer in use to keep the land drained but used to keep the wetlands wet
once again the reflection gives you twice the picture
the excellent, spacious GOBA moorings and winding hole - I'd hoped to continue onwards but the reed was across the water here, and after a previous encounter the day before, didn't fancy it much - it was also getting quite late.
The other little fork was blocked off completely but you can see that it actually continues at a completely different level below
back under Cock Up bridge and the sun is dropping fast
home just in time to watch the Grebes fishing in the sunset

Murphy's law says that they will always dive just as you get the camera set up for the best shot ever!
but this one did have the good grace to pop up again in much the same area

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