Sunday, 7 October 2012

Wild horses on Wicken Fen

We were late getting up this morning (both of us had been reading 'til gone 1.30 am) and then I spent ages watching the 3 Crested Grebes dancing and diving right outside the galley window
 I know this picture is awful but it is a Grebe and it has caught a fish
 They were having such a good time it took me ages to make breakfast and clear up as I couldn't drag my eyes away

By the time I'd walked the dogs it was 1.30 before I set out  on the kayak. G locked me up before beating a hasty retreat to watch the Grand Prix in peace
 A rise in the lock of about 4 cm today
 Today's destination - left turn Clyde

 My Imray book says that this Lode is very narrow, but it's actually both wider and clearer of reed than Reach

 the Lode is higher than the surrounding wetlands
 But these guys were the star of the show for me Koniks - Polish wild horses. Although I should say ponies as they were no more than 13-14 hands I would think - a bit difficult to guage from 'below'

 mostly blue dun in colour although ranging through to palomino, borderline chestnut 
 they were bought and brought across to graze the NT Fen. They breed and roam freely
 Like the cattle, they seemed more curious than frightened by my presence - I think it's because you are below them that you're not deemed a threat 
 Absolutely stunning
I'll finish the story and pics of this trip tomorrow as I can hardly keep my eyes open tonight.

 I'll not get to do the remaining Burwell Lode this time as we are availing ourselves of the pub's Monday offer  (main and a pud for £7.50) at lunchtime and then moving on - the Grebe have eaten all G's fish and he needs a new fishing spot

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