Sunday, 21 October 2012

Saturday was sad - an odd sort of day

We drove back to Caister to do a number of things. We wanted to visit Mum's friend and helper across the road and Mum's next door neighbour whose husband has just had a major operation due to cancer (over the years we've come to know both couples well and I would hate to lose touch). We also wanted to have a little nose at the outside of Mum's bungalow to see the improvements the new tenants had made. I knew it was going to feel odd and more than a little difficult for me so I was prepared. What I wasn't prepared for was that, as soon as we turned at the traffic lights, the dogs jumped up and started wagging their tales - they knew exactly where they were; they were off to see 'Grandma'. We parked outside and, of course, they couldn't go in. It must have been very confusing for them and it was nearly my undoing.

After we'd finished coffees, buns and natters,we made it up to them by giving them a good run across the dunes and beach at Winterton - one of their favourite places. Baxter has now spent roughly half of his life by the sea and half on the rivers and canals. He really hasn't been wanting to walk far recently and I was beginning to think he was prematurely aging but, the minute his feet hit the sand and marron grass, he was off like a homesick angel with it's bum on fire - now what's all that about?

We then went to the Fisherman's to meet up with our friends Peter and Sally for a quick bite and catch up and to exchange books and collect our post. Sally had received G's new passport and the Land Registry certificate (both of which we needed) so it seemed a good excuse to meet up rather than have them sent on to a post office. Unfortunately they had other commitments so couldn't stop long.
Muttley lost his rabbit down a hole
This is more like it! I hate soggy paths and all those nasty thistles on the flood banks
The sea, on Saturday, was calmer than the Great Ouse has been for the last week and a half - should have bought the kayak; it's 10 days since I last used it due to the strong winds and I'm getting withdrawals
I forgot to publish these Ely sunsets - we have had some crackers round here recently

Feeling a bit chirpier this evening as there is a glimmer of a possibility that we can get back onto the Grand Union Canal before Christmas - it's tight and it depends on the tides and the lovely, but vagarious, River Nene - keep your fingers crossed for a dry November for us.


  1. Hi Graham and Jill,
    How absolutely lovely that your mum is remembered and obvious with lots of love, by your dogs. Those who are remembered, live on. We are keeping our fingers crossed for you to have an easy time getting back on the GU. We will be heading down toward London beginning mid December, with stoppages in mind. Perhaps our paths will cross. We would love to meet up with you two somewhere for an evening aboard NBV and dinner.
    Take good care and stay warm!
    Jaq and Les

    1. Sounds lovely Jaq, we always seem to breeze passed each other, so never able to have a proper natter. Probably will be heading towards London but will have more of an idea after our planning meeting with NB Yarwood on Friday. The stoppages are tight-if we miss that December window it will be March.

  2. We're all sending you hugs - difficult to go back to places with such rich memories....

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. Feeling the hugs. It won't be so bad next time - trouble is that you can't make the dogs understand!

  3. If you let us know when you will be coming up the locks on the Northampton Arm, we'll come and give you a hand, in exchange for cups of tea!!! xxxxx

    1. Sounds great, but the more we look at tides and stoppages, the less possible our escape before March looks. We'll keep you posted x