Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Hemingford Grey

 I never actually posted these pics I took of Hemingford Grey as we cruised straight through in our attempt to get out under Hermitage whilst we still could
 a shame not to as it is such a pretty village

 I love this little boat house - what a lovely mooring; wasted

We're off into Ely tomorrow morning as our fridge is empty - I would say we're down to beans on toast but we don't have any beans and we're out of bread. Just about enough milk for a cuppa in the morning and we are definitely getting a takeaway or eating out tomorrow. I found an ancient lamb shank at the bottom of the freezer for G and I made myself a mushroom stroganoffy thingy with the remaining 6 mushrooms and the dregs of the slightly iffy cream. Plenty of rice and lentils left and mountains of tins of peas - I've no idea why as I don't think I've eaten tinned peas since my student days. At least the cupboards are bare enough to see exactly what we do have - any advances on 6 cans of tinned tomatoes?

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