Friday, 5 October 2012

5 Miles From Anywhere

Today just vanished. We had a 'phone call this morning which meant we had to go back into Ely to sign some paperwork and, so, did some shopping while we were there - we also decided to top up the water tank as I've been doing a fair bit of washing. Just as we'd made that decision, a widebeam came in and started to fill. We went into town and signed our paperwork and the widebeam was still filling when we came back so we decided not to bother. It must have been at least 1.30 pm before we got away.

We cruised down to the 5 Miles From Anywhere at Upware, just passed the Marina, on the River Cam and it was absolutely perishing out on deck.
 As soon as we moored I set about preparing a game stew to stick on the fire for tomorrow, walked the dogs (before it got dark) and then set about preparing tonight's evening meal. By the time that was ready to eat it was 7.30.
I wanted to get a 'spare' meal done as I want to keep my day clear tomorrow - the weather forecast is quite good and I'm hoping to take the kayak out exploring down Wicken, Burwell and Reach Lodes (not that I'll manage them all). So the plan is to get up and have a cooked breakfast, walk the dogs and then shove off for the day with a packed lunch - probably means it'll pee down with rain or thick fog or a howling gale - in which case I shall have a pajama day. Let's face it, we all know what happens to plans.
We're running out of daylight now - it's 3 weeks tomorrow that the clocks go back.


  1. That is something I would love to do now I can't get NP down to Wicken. Shhhhhh don't mention clocks!

    It is still summer there is a fly on my computer screen! :-P

    1. We can't get MR down there either although I've walked Wicken. I know NB Harnser has. Today was truly still summer