Wednesday, 24 October 2012

I've never much liked the idea of Facebook

The idea of someone (quite often a stranger) asking to be your friend smacks, somewhat, of  infant school playgrounds and too many people seem to air personal angst against others which might be best kept private. Monday, however, Facebook did us a big favour.
Late Monday morning G was on Facebook and Jean posted that they (she and Paul) were having a look round Newmarket on their way, by car, for an overnighter in Ely. I grabbed the 'phone and told them that we were at the Lazy Otter and within 30 minutes they were on MR having a coffee and a good natter.
Jean and Paul live on NB Enchantress and we last saw them in 2010 when we travelled up to Chester and Ellesmere Port together. Thank you Facebook - without it they would have gone straight passed us and we would have been none the wiser.
I still think Facebook is scary though and will continue to leave it to G!

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