Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Why is it that......?

Earlier today I uploaded some photos for tonight's blog - whilst I was doing something else, G published another blog. I completed & posted "Animal Farm" several hours later but it was listed as an older blog timed at the time the photos were stored. Does anyone know how to avoid this as we tend to upload photos and save them to draft whenever we have a decent signal?


  1. Yes. On the compose screen, there's a link "Post Options" at the bottom left hand corner of the composing box. Click on this and it will expand, giving you the post date and time. This is always the time you first began the post, but you can change it so your posts publish in the correct order. In addition, you can set the date and time in the future, and (as long as you click Publish), the post will publish automatically at the time you chose. Hope that helps.

  2. Adam,
    Thank you very much.
    it works a treat

  3. HiJill and Graham
    Adam beat me to it, I use that all the time. Hows the leaks? hope they are now gone.