Thursday, 30 April 2009

.....and he let me sit on it!

This "draft" was published by accident (aka Graham) this morning - I started, so I'll now finish.
Whilst I mentioned, last blog, that we had locked up the Braunston flight with John and Paula on Taurean, I didn't mention that we had moored up intending to have a pint together in the pub at Welton. We couldn't, however, get an answer on the 'phone so, as it was mid afternoon and a bit of a walk, we decided to push on & left J & P with a sense of unfinished natters (they were going straight on to London).
The next morning G fitted a new radio aerial (the old one had been savaged by too many centre ropes) & switches by my bed to turn the central heating and toilet pump (?) on & off. Then he re-counted the wires and now I can turn the central heating & fridge on & off.

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