Friday, 24 April 2009

Carnage Reduction

Well, perhaps no carnage reduction outside this barn (what, I wonder, is their destination?), the carnage reduction is regarding Daisy. In the 9ish days since she's been wearing a bell. Only one mouse, to our knowledge, has met a grisly end.
Set off this morning & polished off the first 2 or 3 miles & 8 locks in 2 hours - oh the joy to be on the move properly (as against fannying up & down). Sausage butties on the move, washing on, watered at Fenny Compton and knocked off a bread & butter pudding before mooring by bridge 130, lunch then foraging for kindling with the boys & Daisy helping. Afternoon nap then tea with neighbours on Matilda Blue who are also heading for Debdale, to be lifted out for shipment to Holland next week. All back to normal...........perfick!!
Daisy (no longer able to catch the real things) went for world dominance by kidnapping Muttley's 'wack, wack'.
It is 'wack' & not 'quack'. Wack as in wack you round the shins with it when he was a pup. The doggy revenge for bam bam (Flintstones).

The dogs waited patiently on the stern deck whilst we watered.
Claydon Top Lock Cottage looking pretty in the sunshine with it's new paintwork.
The crew of the Navy boat, NB The Andrew, seemed to get confused when we pulled over to moor - pulling in behind us & then getting stuck in the wind, so G helped them off.

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