Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Bookshelf complete- Baxter work in progress

I guess, like almost everyone else, we've just been wallowing in the wall-to-wall sunshine. My friend Wendy came up to Spiceball Park on Sunday & we sat out the back with a bottle of wine & put the world to rights. Long overdue to have some good girly time & at least Graham was able to watch the footie in peace .
Monday we decided to head off North a little way, but G needed to pop into Banbury PO to collect our shower bits & also needed diesel. So I left to park the car at Cropredy & then walk back. G left backwards, as is becoming somewhat of a tradition, to re-fuel - the plan being that we'd meet somewhere in the middle, so that we could load the wood we'd hidden on the way South. Best laid plans...I'd walked to all but around 100 yards from where I'd started before MR came round the bend & picked us up. At least the wood was still there. So we moored just South of Slat Mill Lock & walked up to help the nice guy behind us />through as he was singlehanded - madam, of course, insisted on checking it out.

The sheep are our 'garden' for two nights.

We set about logging the wood & filled all our boxes as we're still lighting a fire in the evenings.

Baxter then had a ball playing 'dragons' in the saw dust and was covered in it and promptly transferred it all over the boat reminding us that todays priority was Baxter's hair cut.

This morning G started on my bookshelf - promised after my first ever viewing of MR - so I wasn't going to deter him. This did, however, mean that the haircut didn't start 'til mid-day & G took over a couple of hours later; I'd started at the back & we didn't manage to finish it in the time available. Definitely a work in progress - he looks very odd with the front end all shaggy.

Linda & Cookie pulled up in front & came round for coffee(s) & the day just vanished.

The optician rang to tell me that my new lenses had arrived for me to collect tomorrow - would you believe that he had sent someone to Cambridge to pick them up as they wouldn't otherwise have arrived in time!!!!! Now THAT is service (Specs Express, High St., Banbury). All that remains now is for them to fit and for me to be able to see.
We also need to go back to the PO for the shower parts still hadn't arrived - if they're not there tomorrow we'll have to have them re-sent to Napton. We must move into Cropredy tomorrow as we are the lowest we've ever been on water & we're not really sure how/why we've used so much. Then we have to get the car up to Debdale, then we have to get out of this place

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  1. Never mind the bookcase - after what you told me I wanted photos of Wendy?