Monday, 27 April 2009

The man has become a 'view' junkie

We'd thought that we'd stay put yesterday, largely due to the Grand Prix, but itwas such a gorgeous day, we thought we'd pootle to the top of the Napton flight. We hadn't been moving for very long when we were T-boned by a Napton hire boat - he didn''t seem to see us, we're only 66ft after all; fortunately there was no damage. We made good time (amazingly quiet for a Sunday), so carried on down through a few before mooring at 12.30 for lunch & GP. The top 2 photos show our lunchtime view.

As the weather was so glorious we carried on down the flight and on to the nice wide bridge 'oles of the Grand Union passing Graham from NB Alnwick who had just had lunch in the Bridge at Napton. We moored up just passed Wigrams Marina with, what I thought, was a very nice view - it was getting on for 6pm and we were all shattered. Including idiot upsidedown dogs.

Woke this morning to very heavy rain & husband donning wet weather gear - I looked at him in amazement & he said that he didn't like the view; we were,"too enclosed". So out he trundled into the monsoon (OK I'm exaggerating a bit) and moved the boat up to where the canal is cut into the side of the hill - barking, totally barking!

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