Thursday, 16 April 2009

Bones in Banbury

I set off yesterday, with the dogs, northwards to Cropredy so that I could bring the car back to Banbury for it's MOT today. I passed Mortimer driving Bones down to Banbury & told her that Graham had the kettle on. I stopped to natter to a lady on the tow path as we approached a lock, taking my eyes off of Muttley - I looked up in time to see him jump on the back of a hire boat as it pulled away from the lock mooring & entered the lock. I had to wait for the lock to fill in order to retrieve him! the lady driving the boat was very good about it and highly amused!

Needless to say, Mort & G were still happily discussing boat mods/repairs/improvements when I arrived back. Daisy was fascinated by Mort's 'cat' and prowled around Bones like she owned the place (actually managing to stow away & get herself locked in). The sharp eyed amongst you will notice that I have FINALLY managed to get her to accept collar, bell & id tag (although she is chipped) which, I hope, might cut down on some of the deaths in the community. Mort stayed for lunch and then went for diesel before mooring up in town for the night & to do some shopping. She told us she needed more wine so we went round in the evening & helped her drink it all as we didn't want her to have to struggle with it by herself. Lovely to get some more time together.

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