Monday, 6 April 2009

Boat load of hooligans!

But it's our boat and it's our hooligans!

Up early Sunday morning to meet up with the family; left backwards (when was it ever different?) for about a mile, winded and hit Banbury.

The clan met up in Banbury for Sunday lunch, took delivery of the new calorifier, associated bits of pipework & grandson & did a runner out of town & back into the countryside mooring up around 7.30 (the latest ever for us). Everyone fed again & we all tumbled into bed exhausted.

Graham & Dainion were up early &, successfully, fishing before I dragged myself out of bed & we headed South to the open pastures at Somerton. Loads of photos but no signal; D exhausted and already crashed out with Muttley snuggled up beside him, very cute - wonderful stuff fresh air.

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  1. wow, when did you have time to fish????