Thursday, 2 April 2009

New shelves (much more satisfying than new shoes)

New shelves all hunky dory 'cept for a bit of stain & varnish, I know I'll have to run a cloth over every morning to stop the fire dust building but a very small price to pay for freeing up cupboard space. Now all I have to do is work on his success to get my bookshelves built - those have only been promised for 14 months - trust him to put priority onto food related items. Please do not enlarge the photos to see the contents of the storage containers or the last tiny vestiges of our carnivore street cred are sunk & burnt.

Had a pleasant cruise down through Banbury; pausing to slither down embankments carrying rucksacks laden with wine (inbound) and defunct expensive Dyson to Currys for replacement (outbound) and I am so cross I can't even rip off about it on the blog - yet; probably tomorrow, 'cept to say that you buy something because you need (or want) it. So why is it that, if it goes wrong, you are expected to wait for a replacement. Especially as, in the case of us ccers, you'd normally be long gone - G singing praises of Berghaus, I could have throttled them, 3 week wait & now they've posted them to Norfolk!!!!!
Oh well, popped into Banbury town whilst watering & caught the market closing - 2 red peppers, 4 orange peppers & 2 cauliflowers for £2, now that's a good deal.

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