Saturday, 18 April 2009

In and around Heyford

More shots of in and around Heyford in the sunshine.

Dyson have fixed our vacuum (2 weeks without one) & we are experiencing grit free walking - oh joy. Back to the opticianstoday with, on the whole, good news; but new lenses/spectacles won't be here 'til Weds. It never ends - not only do we not have time to do a trip down the GU, but, if it goes on much longer, we'll be hard pushed to get back to Debdale by the appointed date!
Mathew from Tooleys boat yard passed us today steering the dayboat, 'Dancing Duck'. He's broken his foot so it looks like the troops sent him off out of the way! There are an awful lot of breakages and duckings going on at the moment - is everyone taking too much juice in this lovely weather!!!!
Seeing Matthew reminded us of another job that needs doing - last May Tooleys Boatyard did an excellent job of welding a security locker for the genny and another side bench for the dogs. It was a job well done but, so far, we've only primed it - we really must get round to the top coats and then I can show you the photos.

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