Friday, 17 April 2009

An inauspicious start.....followed by p envy

I opened the side hatch this morning to see Daisy swimming towards the bow, G dashed to the front to help her out, but she swam back to me at the hatch - balanced on my tummy, I just managed to reach down enough to scoop her out. I am Daisy's hero - please don't tell her that it was me that knocked her in when I opened the hatch (ooooh the guilt).

I took these pictures earlier in the week but couldn't put them up as we had no signal. The two of the breach clearly show the'BW aware' tapes - if they're going out with tapes, couldn't they take a bit of something with them that might stem the flow a bit.
This steam NB was the first I'd seen.

This open panorama as a nights mooring was in stark contrast to the garden the night before, but nonetheless lovely, I just love the changes.

Approaching Aynho Weir Lock, out pops Ten Bob Note.

Graham has never loved our prop; the trouble started when our surveyor said it was underpropped (I guess it's a man thing). Correspondence with Crowther assured him that it was big enough. He was not convinced, especially after the excitement on the rivers Soar & Trent. Today his eyes lit up when he went to Derwent6's blog and saw/read about their new Axiom. Messages to 'get in touch' were sent to both them & Axiom & then we set off on a round trip to get water and put off rubbish. I'd only just locked the BW door on the old calorifier before another boater was in and making off with it!
Winded and returned to Banbury lock & was opening the top paddles when I realised Muttley had vanished again - following the commotion, I tracked him down inside the doors of the 'dog free' Castle Quay shopping Mall. He was having a ball being the centre of attention from weary shoppers resting on the benches. The more I called him away, the more they oohed & ahhed & cuddled him & the more he ignored me - such a tart.
Nearly 4 hours after we set off we were moored back where we started and G jumped on the computer to see if there was any prop response.........the computer wouldn't start up. The help desk did help & here we are, but you can imagine our hearts after everything that's happened & I haven't even got round to the £600+ at the opticians and breaking the shower door.


  1. Hi there
    Haven't got your email address, so send us an email at and we'll email you tele no so can chat about prop :-)

  2. The reason for the tape is to stop boaters keep ringing them up and telling them about it. I rang last month and got told they knew about it as did several other boaters I met between Oxford and Banbury.