Thursday, 23 April 2009

Menagerie in the sun from our trip on the S. Oxon

Well, would you believe it - glasses & lenses arrived, fit me & I can see (so no more eyesight excuses when I bang the boat!). The shower spares were there at the Post Office & the shower is fixed. Yexterday we moved into Cropredy passed the now permanently empty 24 hour moorings (except from about 7/8.oo pm when the hire boats move on for bed & breakfast) and managed to get a 14 day mooring (not that we need it now) behind a BW barge where they have infilled the eroded towpath. Moored amongst bare earth & BW tape but-hey-at least we can stay for a legit 48 hours and G has found this spot full of potential whales whilst dangling breadpaste.
So, quick trip to the farm shop for veg & eggs & G is off to plant the car at Debdale. Karen will pick him up and bring him & the kids back here for supper. I must finish Baxters hair cut & finish supper prep & then I intend to put my feet up in the sun with my book. We never stopped again yesterday.
So.......keep everything crossed.......tomorrow we're off. Any traffic jams caused by the emergency closure of one of the Napton locks should have cleared.


  1. Very little traffic build up at Napton lock 12. 5 boats below, waiting to come up and two above going down. Work finished at 1 pm as planned. The cill was leaking badly.

  2. That worked well then - it could have been a lot worse.