Saturday, 4 April 2009

Doggy paddle required

Graham walked back to Banbury this morning to fetch a replacement Jerry can as ours was leaking. Evidently you can't buy 2nd hand ones anymore because they are prone to leak, so he had to buy a new one.
Leaving Daisy asleep in the sun, the dogs & I headed off to the nearest copse to collect kindling - as we're letting the fire out during the daytime now, we're using a lot more.
Needless to say, as fast as I broke & packed it, the dogs unpacked & ran off with it, but it didn't matter as the day was our own & it was gloriously warm in the sunshine.
Unfortunately I took my eyes off them and Baxter 'went off on one' involving a big marshy area and Muttley, of course, followed close on his heels.
The damage may not look bad as the slime is only just over their knees, but those of you with smellyvision will appreciate the depth of the smell.
As there is no access down into the cut around here, there was nothing for it but to don their buoyancy jackets and hold them whilst they paddled - it's a very effective way of removing slime.
Graham was trying to repair his punctures and, in the background by the lift bridge, you can just see another cyclist trying to do the same-after repairing 4, he gave up and pushed the bike. G was also unable to repair his and the bike will have to go back to Halfords again. I'm beginning to think it was Halfords who left the blackthorn all over the towing path.


  1. I love your way of cleaning of the dogs by hanging them in the canal, is there any way of harnessing the doggy power to power the boat (some sort of outboard harness system). I think Daisy had the better idea of staying indoors.

  2. Hi guys, it's a bit extreme but they're not that worried & it is effective. Glad you left the comment because we hadn't found your blog. VERY pretty pud cats. Happy launch, we're bound to find you on thecut