Thursday, 10 April 2014

Whilst some of us are getting stressed

Others aren't much bothered. Whilst G was still at his Mum's this morning and I was flapping about the boat like a headless chicken unable to decide which job to do that would cause the least disruption to our lives; certain members of the MR crew couldn't give a damn after yesterdays energetic walks and hunting
 I must add that I took these photos around 12.00 today - lazy tykes
Daisy eventually stood up when a boat charged passed us
it was a bit of an effort
and on this note I give up for the night as it's taking 5 minutes a photo to load.

PS Kevin and Debbie on WB Avalon are coming out in the morning  - they are slurping wine out of mugs as we speak. Everything else is packed they say.


  1. Deb is slurping wine out of a mug. I am more civilised and drinking beer from the bottle.

    Drinking has actually stopped a while back as its an early night and an early morning as the lift is set for 8am. The road outside the marina is being resurfaced and will close at 9.30am.

  2. Who said 'it's a dogs life' they were so right... LOL

    I would hazard a guess that the human crew of Matilda Rose might also be taking a leaf out of the wbnb Avalon method of packing on Sunday night too then? LOL

  3. We were hoping our paths would cross at Cassio bridge for dinner and some good laughter but it is not to be. We are coming out of Paddington just now and making our way slowly back there to moor up for Les' next surgery at Watford on the 23rd.

    We will follow your blogs intently as you courageously embark on this new life abroad. Take good care and safe journey over the channel.
    Love Jaq and LesXX

  4. Hard to tell where the dogs end and the fleecy throw begins in that first photo. Have a good trip and hope MR does too. We'll be watching the new blog with great interest. We'll miss seeing you every now and again, and wish you the best time ever as you begin your great adventure. Lotsa love Pip, Rog and Ozzy

  5. I see that Baxter and Muttley have finally adopted the greyhound way of life - hurrah!

    Hope to see you on Sunday if you're around - we're aiming for Cassiobury Park!

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  6. Where can we find your new blog??.??.???

  7. Hi Guys, you can find the new blog at